Ibogaine treatment

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment is now possible and easy with ibogaine, the wonder drug appears to be a great medical breakthrough but with an all-inclusive risk also. Additional unnecessary dosage of this substance may lead to functional disabilities of lungs, heart, kidneys and liver. Temporary side-effects are also observed to this kind of treatment like reduced pulse rate, tremors, vomiting, nausea, low blood pressure, muscular discomforts. and such kind of minor ailments. However, ibogaine treatment under the guidance of reputed and professional drug healer at ibogaine clinic will diminishes all the risks and side-effects.

It is a potential life rehabilitating process where in extreme positive and enthusiastic approach towards rehabilitating themselves would curb its ill effects. Also one should abstain from negative experiences and thoughts and go ahead with a renewed approach towards life. Several Ibogaine treatment centers have been opened worldwide with state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, but, our services and treatment stands tall amongst the crowd.

Our ibogaine treatment centers are safe, hygienic, result oriented and always reliable. But one has to go for the best one with positive attitude, because with the right kind of attitude, the required treatment could be done without any unnecessary additional dosage of Ibogaine. Ibogaine treatment is to be provided with well acquainted and experienced drug therapists, who should have a professional medical and psychiatric background.

Preparation to go for this kind of treatment surface around various dos’ and don’ts like, stopping driving since this method causes motion sickness, having lots of vitamin C and keeping the digestive tract clean, EKG, Liver panel and blood composition tests are also recommended, if presently on any medication then inform our therapist, practicing controlled breathing as nausea is common in these sessions, etc. In this process both before care is as important as aftercare, so going for the our ibogaine treatment center is very favorable and encouraged.

Our ibogaine drug rehab centers offers a humane way of detoxifying from the life endangering drugs and shape up your life into a more proactive and refreshing attitude. Our centers offer round the clock genuine care to the patients by spending quality time with them. They counsel, support, inspire and provide quality assistance. We try to kick off the dope habits of the patients and help them to start a clean and renewed life. We also provide organic food, medications, lodging, transport, and other better facilities, sometimes we even ask for valid identity documents to preserve authenticated documents.

In our clinic, ibogaine treatment method directly targets the main cause of psychological disturbance and creates a neuro-psychiatric pathway to withdraw from drug addiction. In addition, we have a professional medical team of experts who directly monitor the ibogaine treatment process.

In the after care, We are proud to provide a customized program for the patient with useful exercises like yoga, aerobics, personality development activities, acupuncture, acupressure, etc. Each and every patient is treated with 100% quality and assurance. Sometimes continuing ibogaine therapy care is also followed to sustain the end results of the treatment.

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